Pull wheelies without the danger - Extreme Wheelie - The Ride of Your Life
Extreme Wheelie - The Ride of Your Life

Welcome To Extreme Wheelie...

Wheelies are the granddaddy of all street freestyle stunts and they can be the simplest and the most complex trick in a professional stunt riders routine. While a standard sit down wheelie is almost elementary in execution the fear of dropping your bike or hurting yourself normally keeps both wheels planted firmly on the ground.

Enter the world of Extreme Wheelie and brace yourself for the ride of your life. This amazing machine is both a motorcycle simulator and a virtual reality experience in one bit of kit. It gives riders experience of slow and high speed wheelies in a safe, controlled environment without damaging themselves or their bike.

Extreme Wheelie puts safety first, teaching riders to control those unexpected wheelies improving rider control and confidence. If you want to learn extreme bike control, this is the safe way (for you and the bike) to do it!

If you have always longed for the thrill of the elusive wheelie or want to know how to control the unexpected wheelie - here is your chance.

Contact Extreme Wheelie now and experience the ride of your life!

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About Extreme Wheelie

The machine was developed and patented in the USA where it was a runaway success. It was brought to the attention of two life-long British bikers who traveled to the states to see for themselves just how good it really was - and they were not disappointed. In fact, the duo were so impressed, they bought several machines on the spot and also secured exclusive distribution rights for the UK.

The company are now established within the motorcycle community running promotional events for motorcycle dealerships throughout the UK, Ireland and into Europe.

We also run "Extreme Wheelie School", with Yamaha MT07's and MT09's. With a 2:1 ratio we can ensure you get complete training to achieve your goals. More Information
If you are interested in this format of bike skills training, please contact either Extreme Wheelie. We will be happy to answer your questions.

Yamaha Motor Europe N.V. are sponsors for Extreme Wheelie Ltd.
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Sponsorship partner R&G Racing design and manufacture a range of functional bolt-on motorcycle accessories, their core business being crash protection. Products include engine case covers and sliders, frame sliders, rediator guards, exhaust protectors etc

Craig Jones, the world record holder for the longest two man stoppie, has endorsed Extreme Wheelie Ltd for their way of thinking towards the motorcycle community on safety and training.

If you want something different for your open day, event show, or even a corporate day, Extreme Wheelie can cater for all your needs under one roof; from Wheelie Machines, Promo Girls and Stunt Shows. We can even supply ice cream vans, burger vans and sound systems if requested.

Extreme Wheelie are the best around in what we do, so try nowhere else and come to the best to make your event special.


Contact Extreme Wheelie now and experience the ride of your life.

For 2016 Extreme Wheelie School will be running out of York..... Other locations coming soon...... Contact Us for details !

How To Hire

Dealers, wheelie schools, motorcycle clubs, small groups and even individuals can hire a machine for varying durations.

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About Extreme Wheelie

Extreme Wheelie is a unique marketing tool which will attract a crowd to any location or venue.

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Bullit Jeans Sponsor Extreme Wheelie

The World's Safest Motorbike Jeans.

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